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All businesses have processes.

We can help you make the best of yours

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All businesses use documents.

We can help you make them available to the right people no matter where they are.

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Asset Tagging and Tracking

We can help you tag and track all kinds of information about all kinds of assets.

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Virtual building tours

Estate agent, architect, inventory clerk. We can tailor a solution to your needs.

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Bespoke Projects

Let our consulants use their technology expertise to solve your problem.

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ZUUK: who are we?

In short, a group of internet technology experts and consultants.

ZUUK have been established since 1996, which, given the rate of change in the IT industry, means we've been around a long time! We still have all of the energy of a start-up, but we can mix it with experience gained on many projects!

We continue to evolve and innovate, maintaining a close view on the latest trends and technologies, and this enables us to deliver current and innovative solutions to new and existing problem spaces.

ZUUK: who are our clients?

Our consultants have decades of experience in internet technologies having done projects for household names such as:

BT Barclays Experian
McLaren Automitive Equifax Hitachi Capital
William Hill betfair Perot Systems
DLA Piper Thomson Reuters Attentiv

as well as many smaller and less well known firms.

ZUUK: our brands

As a business, ZUUK provides services in four main areas:

ZUUK Consulting ZUUK Consulting provide consultancy services to corporate clients. ZUUK Consulting also provide project out-sourcing, skills transfer and mentoring.
ZUUK Design ZUUK Design provide graphical and web design for the various projects undertaken by ZUUK. They also have a keen eye on aesthetics and usability.
ZUUK Business ZUUK Business provide services and expertise in business tools and business processes such as contact management, content management and workflow.
ZUUK Internet ZUUK Internet provide expertise in internet technologies, service orientated architectures (SOAs) and web services. They also provide hosting services.

ZUUK: our solutions

ZUUK have a wide range of existing software and solutions which can often be used to "bootstrap" projects enabling them to be delivered much faster than would be possible were the solutions being built "from the ground up". Particular and relevant areas where we can provide a head start include:

  • web design
  • contact registration and management
  • document management
  • database set-up and design
  • business process and workflow management
  • e-mail integration and notification

ZUUK: our mission

ZUUK has one simple objective - to deliver quality software solutions for our customers.

We deem an engagement complete only when the system is being successfully used in live operation, by a user community fully satisfied that what's been delivered meets their needs.

We have a fierce and uncompromising attitude to delivery, doing whatever is required to get the job done.

We develop strong and trusted relationships with our customers based on the values of honesty and trust, as we believe that a true partnership between the development team and their customers is a fundamental component of success.

We believe that quality software solutions are produced by teams of people who have been there and done it, and able to adapt the approach to the situation. We therefore only employ people we've worked with in the past, share our values, and add real experience and expertise.

ZUUK: what do our clients say?

This is brilliant!

(On being able to share audit recommendations across the company for the first time using ZUUK's managed hosting of PwC TeamCentral.)

Paul Dudfield
Managing Director
CW Audit Services

The only person who isn't happy is our stationery supplier!

Thanks to ZUUK for making the introduction of our company-wide intranet as smooth as possible. Their training sessions really helped to guide and inspire our staff through the benefits of the system.

Michael Hirst
Marketing and Promotions Manager
Barnsley Premier Leisure

Real business benefit

Using ZUUK has brought real business benefit. All my staff are informed and have secure access to the data they need instantly, in any location.

Paul Dudfield
Managing Director
CW Audit Services