Business Process Management

ZUUK: automating your business processes

All business have business processes but few of them are written down.

As soon as you start to think of your business as an engine and you start to right down how it goes about achieving what it does, you realise that large parts of the process could be more efficient or could be automated.

By letting computers take over some of the menial tasks, you free up your time and your staff's time to do the more important jobs - dealing with customer queries, rounding up new business, thinking of how the business could be improved or made more efficient.

We have an established business process engine that works with the BPMN diagramming system to power the processes within your business.

  • Putting the right tasks on the right person's list at the right time
  • Giving you a full overview of who is doing what when
  • Allowing you to see the full history of a case/job/query
  • Plotting your cases/jobs/queries on a map
  • Plotting your cases/jobs/queries on a calendar
  • Enabling you to measure efficiency, tweak the process and see if it improves it or not

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