Document management.

ZUUK: helping you to take control of your documents

All business over time produce a huge amount of documentation. Invoices, reports, proposals and quotes. Not only are there lots of documents, there are lots of versions of lots of documents!

Keeping all of this under control can be a real problem!

Then add in to the mix making sure that the right people can find and read a document and, more importantly, that only the right people can update it.

Why then do so many businesses struggle on with shared network drives of un-indexed Word and PDF documents?

It could be so much easier!

Intranets and Extranets

ZUUK have been providing intranet and extranet services to clients for the best part of a decade now. We know the problems and the solutions.

We can build a document sharing system that's very specific to your needs. That can:

  • give robust control over access to documents
  • provide a very flexible mechanism for specifying access rights
  • make finding documents almost instantaneos
  • make viewing those documents on the road simple
  • provide detailed audit information of who read or changed what when
  • provide a full version history for each document

More ...

What's more we can take your documents and combine them with your business processes and contact database to make automatic mailing of quotes, invoices, brochures, price lists and reports painless.

But let's not stop there. Tell us what would make your use of your documentation better and we'll help to build a system that can do just that!

So don't be shy... talk to us!

Let us help to provide you with a solution that will be tailored to your needs.

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