Virtual building tours

ZUUK: working for estate agents, architects and inventory clerks

The last few years have seen tablet computers and mobile telephones taking access to information and the ability to collect and update it, out on-site.

No longer do you have to be in the office to receive or record information and the internet makes it available immediately to your colleagues throughout the business.

These devices allow you to:

  • take photographs
  • annotate records
  • check lists and dates

and these new capabilities bring all kinds of new posibilities for saving time and money and making your business more efficient and responsive.

Estate Agents ...

We can help you to provide virtual tours of the properties you're selling - allowing people to interactively view the rooms of a house in an order of their choosing, and allowing you to add notes to draw attention to important but invisible features like underfloor heating or hidden storage.

Architects ...

We can help you to take your drawings on site and compare them to the actual build. Take notes and photographs of the problem areas and build up a full digital archive of cross-referenced information: dates, materials and the sketches associated with a design.

Property Letting Agents and Inventory Clerks ...

Are you taking and checking your property inventories using a tablet computer? If not, why not? We can help you to record photographic evidence, take full detailed notes and provide a online digital sign-off process for tenants and landlords.

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